Route 257 Bridge

Description of the work completed:

This project replaces the deteriorated Dry River bridge on Route 257 (Ottobine Road) in Rockingham County. The project area is about 0.2-mile long, from 0.1-mile west of Route 738 to 0.1-mile east of Route 738. The existing bridge has two 11-foot lanes with narrow shoulders and ditches. The bridge is on a crest that limits sight distance at the Route 738 intersection. The new bridge will be 225-feet long and have two 12-foot lanes with eight-foot shoulders. Sight distance will be improved at the Route 257 and Route 738 intersection. Route 738 will be on the same alignment as the existing roadway.

Tons delivered:

65,260 lbs Black Reinforcing Steel, 38,292 lbs Class I MMFX Reinforcing Steel.